Image by Casey Horner via Unsplash

I’m posting this poem in honour of the New Moon on December 14th. A new dawn awaits 💗

And when you first stepped out
into the pink blush of dawn
did you feel the soft, dew-soaked earth
rise to kiss your feet?
Did you notice the trees
breathe blessings down upon you
in luminous bundles of green and gold,
how every breath of woodsmoke, mist and mulch
filled your lungs like a cool river?
Did you feel yourself attached somehow
to each fading star of night
like a puppet, held on threads of silver light?
And when the beautiful future
which you dreamed of so long
down that hard broken road
finally burst over the horizon
and began tumbling towards you like a wave –
were you ready to catch it?

This poem was originally featured in Scribe magazine: https://medium.com/scribe/dawn-68324890e815?source=friends_link&sk=cfb9c7961d623933917253fa2a0938ad

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