Planting Seeds


“Let’s not isolate from the marvellous.” – Martin Shaw



I submitted this poem for Letters to the Earth’s ‘Letters in Lockdown’ callout. An excerpt from it was read out online by actor Ubah Egal on Earth Day 2020.


Planting Seeds


It is the seed moon,

the time of sowing.

The roads and skies

have grown quiet.

Sometimes in the stillness

I can feel the earth dreaming.

There are many things I can't do

in these strange times.

But I can plant seeds.

I hold them like prayers

in the palm of my hand,

I notice their shape and size,

the way they catch the light.

Their impossible promise.

I teach my children

to make wishes on them -

and I make wishes too.

I breathe my brightest,

most golden dreams

into these seeds,

dreams wild as sweet violets

on hidden forest floors.

Poppy, nasturtium, sunflower and sage:

bring nectar, food and medicine,

praise the sun.

Corn, squash, tomato and bean:

seeds of hope

for the creatures

and the wild places

and all those yet to come.

May this great pause

be a seed itself

for the beautiful future

which wants and waits to be born.

I think anyone who says

that miracles aren't possible

must not have planted seeds.

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